Winners of the Gold Effie 2022!

CosmosDirekt wins Gold Effie for their #Cosmicfail social media campaign.

Winners will be grinners!

We were awarded a Gold Effie for our social TikTok campaign #Cosmicfail, where we highlighting the all the mishaps that happen in people’s lives and how these all become insurance cases.

The campaign generated over 1 billions views, and more than 220.000 videos were developed! An amazing campaign.

We never thought that insurance could be so relevant to so many people.

The campaign was developed together with our agency Leagas Delaney Hamburg, Influry and Dentsu X.

The idea was simple: get as many people talking about their personal mishaps and get over 50 influencers to start the campaign rolling. And then together with TikTok we started the “#Cosmicfail” challenge which ran over one week.

The Effie Award is the award for Marketing Efficiency, so the award for business impact!


Gold Effie Social Media.

To the team!!!