Influencer Marketing within the financial industry

I guess influencer marketing is really nothing new, and not even within the financial industry. I guess nowadays it has more to do with the fact these people are your everyday people, who have great ideas, and global channels to bring their ideas across.

In the past the influencers within the financial industry have been primarily those who are on televison, invited to write in newspapers and magazines and were able to sit at roundtables where the big topics were discussed.

Nowadays they can be sitting in their room, have no real in-depth knowledge of the topic, but they have simple ideas with mobile phones and / or cameras and access to the internet.

Now most financial companies have been working with the first type of influencer for decades and we’re no exception. However we’ve started working with the next generation of influencers – the Youtubers, and Instagramers of our time.

And this is an exciting area, let me tell you.

We’ve started for the last two big campaigns – “Böse Null” and our video series “Ach, du liebes Geld”.

And we’ve been learning the good and the bad.

It’s a new world in a way, which requires new thinking and new approaches. And like all marketing, it needs strategy and attention to detail.

Here are some examples thus far, and our Youtube #Trending Clip together with Tomatolix!


Galia Brenner worked made her own Böse Null film which reached more than 50.000 of her fans via Youtube alone.

This Tomatolix Film has already generated over 1.1 million views and was Youtube Trending #1 Film for one day in Germany.

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