The second version of Börsenheld has just finished end of March. This time we had 4.500 players playing.

This time the market was extremely difficult during the two months of play, which showed in the results of the game – only 40% ended with a positive performance after two months. This was down around 12% from the first version late last year.

The highlights of the game again – the number of players, more than 280 groups, BörsenheldTV (the TV show to the game) and more than 4.5 miliion PI’s.

Once again the people behind the success story were Jens Ohr and Peter Schille from, Dr. Frank Werner from #FinanzenVerlag and Kevin Boos from #Adisfaction.

The platform is now being used for players to experiment without any partners and already over 1.000 players are continueing their gaming.


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