Macquarie Telegraph Newspaper

There is something special about print – the opportunities are still so big and back in 2011 we bought out the Macquarie Telegraph newspaper for the Invest trade show in April.

We printed around 10.000 copies and distributed it to all visitors of Germany’s largest retail investment trade show.

The aim was to bring something to investors, which was unique and informative, and could bring the new brand into every investors home within a short period of time.

It was a fun project which delivered a new format into the retail investing space which was maybe thought to be on its way out.

We included all of our partners at the time, made sure readers to subscribe to services via their smart phones (QR codes) and also got the exhibitor onboard to make sure that everyone took their copy.


Klenk Kommunikation developed the newspaper with us back then, and the nights were long, but fun.