My Top Ads of 2020

For me its fascinating seeing what creative people create all the time. I love being mesmerised by new ideas, great executions and meaningful stories. So here my highlights of the last year, in no particular order.

The Moldy Whopper – a great ad. Fascinating, truthful and unique.

Nike – You can’t stop us. I expect Nike to come up with two or three great ads a year, which is no easy feet. But once again they didn’t dissapoint. Meaningful, new, and inspiring.

Then there was this one for the sad and unfortunate loss of Kobe Bryant – Better – Mamba Forever.

Then there was something funny and weird at the same time from “Match”.

This has been a year from hell, butas it comes to a close, Reynolds depicts Satan ironically finding his perfect match with a girl called “2020”: 

Then an absolut gem – Epic Games (Fortnite) vs. Apple, with their re-work of the original Apple ad 1984.

It’s just sooooooo clever this ad.

Then there is the collaboration from Gucci and The North Face and their feel good stylo ad. Just fun, with great vibes. And yeah, I’d maybe even buy something from Gucci after this.

Like a Bosch continues to excite with their cool ads. Rarely seen such cool advertising for such products. They’re ahead of the curve in their industry.

And then there was Jeeps Ground Hog Day ad, which is just perfect.