Real-Estate investing platform – Anlegen in Immobilien

Anlegen in Immobilien

Back in 2017 we realised that there was so little market information for private investors wanting to invest in real-estate objects & funds, even though the market was booming, so together with we launched Anlegen in Immobilien.

The site covers a wide variety of market trends and insights around the topic of investing in real-estate objects and projects. It is aimed at private investors who want to learn about the further opportunities other than simply buying another house or flat.

Naturally the focus of the site is also to build awareness for real-estate funds, which offer private investors access to major global projects and real-estate trends, without the risk of one-off direct investments, which are highly expensive.

Here investors can invest smaller amounts and participate on the global trends.

The site is already the biggest site of its kind in the German market, after only being online for around 12 months.

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Anlegen in Immobilien

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