Melting Ice – Award winning campaign

Back in 2015 we broke through with a new form of campaign within the investment industry here in Germany with our “Melting Ice” (Ihr Geld schmilzt) project.

What we did?

The idea was simple and spectacular – build a huge ice sculpture highlighting the amount of Euros that Germans have lying around on their savings account and then watch it melt due to the negative savings returns.

The event took months of planning, a lot of internal struggles and then finally the whole thing came together for one day in Frankfurt and the sun melted it away.

The campaign won awards (Gold at the Midas Awards in New York) and lifted us to a new level of campaigning at that time.

The idea came from Torsten Pollmann at Havas Worldwide Germany as part of a pitch for a larger campaign. We saw the idea, and knew we had to do it.


The “melting ice” idea lasted one day. It generated more than 8 Mio contacts in German TV, Print and Online Media, including some of the leading media houses within the country – ARD, Bild Zeitung, n-tv, Handelsblatt, just to name a few.


Midas Gold 2015 – Financial Services


Havas Düsseldorf (Idea)

ExpoDesign (Event)

Bourros (Film)


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