Brand development online & flexible

YUNAR was built together with the amazing team at SuperUnion in München.

We had a blast building this modern, flexible not pretiontious brand. The focus was always, something different. Something that makes life a little better, a letter bit more fun.

We didn’t want to build something which felt like a traditional financial brand. Something which is serious and correct. Rather something which fits into people’s lives today, and feels like their lives. And the result is amazing in my opinion.

And in order to give access to our partner agencies to this brand, and all people working on it, we partnered with Brandmaster and built the brand guidelines directly online. No PDFs, no fixed documents, rather an ongoing, flexibel and moving brand guidelines. And we covered it all – the way! This enables us to keep the brand up to date, enables agencies to access the latest details at any time, and a major advantage is that the agencies can upload their work in real-time, enabling all to see and learn from the developments made all around the brand.

This is in my opinion, the way to build brands and keep brands alive and developing.