Ach du liebes Geld

End of 2016 Markus Koch came to me with an idea – a show about investing done differently – like a TV show.

Months later, we launched it. “Ach, du liebes Geld” (Oh my lovely money) was it’s name, and it has become the most popular Youtube money series in Germany to date.

An eight part series looking at human behaviour and our relationship with investing. The series is a humerous look at how wrong we are when it comes to investing, and how natural and simple it may all be.

it focuses on behavioural finance, of which Markus has a great deal of knowledge. And with Markus as the host, of course it’s humerous and different. And as always, we tried to give him all the freedom he could want, to make sure that the series was a success.

And with more than 7 million views, we certainly were happy with the result. 🙂

Here the series online: 

Here an example of the landing pages which were built for each episode on a weekly basis. We covered special areas of interest around that topic, making sure that every week we had new tips and insights for the viewers.

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