Leaving ING…..

July 13, 2014

The time has come. I have resigned from ING Bank (ING Markets). A little more than two good years and…

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ING Markets film highlights….

May 27, 2014

Film tells the stories the best, even within the financial industry. Here are some examples looking back at what we…

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ING Markets with Watchlist function on all devices

May 20, 2014

To be honest, having a watchlist function on your website is nothing new. Having a watchlist function on all devices…

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alt="ING Website by Jeromy Lohmann"

ING Website Update

March 24, 2014

Today we released the new European ING Markets website in Germany. The new European (Holland, Poland, France and Germany) site…

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The highest trade in history

February 28, 2014

Florian Roebbeling came to me with the crazy idea of undertaking the “highest trade in history”. He was looking for…

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ING Marketing Trading Forum Dresden

January 19, 2014

The new trade show season began this weekend in Dresden for ING Markets. We came up with a new concept…

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Infographic for the trading game “Börsenheld”

December 18, 2013

Together with Finanzen.net we launched “Börsenheld”, the latest trading game. It was all in all a success. Around 5.000 people…

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Content Marketing

December 16, 2013

Throughout the year we have focused a lot of our attention at ING Markets on “content marketing”. I know, everyone’s…

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Online goes offline and vice-versa

May 20, 2013

Since the stock market is becoming more and more an online business it’s important to keep a focus on meeting…

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November 28, 2012

The industry I’ve been working in for the last 6 years has always focused on “winning the next client”. We…

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