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March 22, 2014

Just spent a few weeks Down Under in #Melbourne, Australia and here are some creative highlights that I discovered.

It’s a creative place – lots of variation – anything but a homogenous market. Was inspired by a few marketing campaigns there. Some funny things, some cool things.

The ad that made me laugh each time was from Tap King staring Lionel Ritchie. Talk about hitting the target market. Here it is:

Another nice ad, was a new Bonds ad. It’s creative and visually well made (well actually poorly made, which makes it good).

In terms of bank campaigns, the National Australia Bank is probably leading the way, with there “Give more, take less” campaign. It’s actually very good. Here one of the recent TV ads, portraying that give more take less feeling;

This whole campaign is very well summed up on their website. Actually it’s definantly more that simply a campaign, rather a business vision:

“More give, less take.

Everyone wants more of the good stuff and less of the bad. But somewhere along the line, some banks became pretty good at giving customers less, and not so great at giving more.

Four years ago at NAB, we decided to take a stand. We started a movement to make banking fairer for all Australians.

In that time, we’ve been behind some major changes in banking – changes that ensure our customers get more of the good, and less of the bad. Giving our customers more, rather than less.

Things like getting rid of dishonour fees on personal transaction accounts; having no monthly account fees on our Classic Banking transaction account; and having the lowest standard variable rate of the major banks for more than four years. We were also the bank that kept lending to business during the GFC when some other banks stopped.

As a result, our customers have saved hundreds of millions of dollars on mortgage repayments and in fees and charges. Everyone at NAB is proud that we took a stand. We’re more transparent, more open and we’re fairer. We’ve challenged the way all banks behave.

We’re committed to taking banking on a journey to a better place. And we know we’re right, because more and more customers like you are coming over to NAB.

So rest assured, as a NAB customer, we’ll continue to deliver you More Give, Less Take in everything we do.


Then there were on off things which grabbed my attention. Especially the aussie humour which is ever present. Here a simple text used by a tanning salon:

Tanning salon

Some nice texting for the Van Haandel Group (dining restaraunts). The media space were the toilets of another trendy restaraunt. Interesting, but effective in my opinion.

Van Haandel Dry Martini Van Haandel eating

Retail is something australians can do extremely good. There are so many various stores and retail ideas, that it’s sometimes a question of whether or not you can commit and succeed. Usually all of the cafe’s are very unique. No major chains here in Melbourne!

Here some creative interiors of various retail outlets in Melbourne.

Starting with T2, the tea chain in Australia. Beautiful.

T2 retail space Then there is the “institution” Brunetti’s cafe. Its actually amazing how big it is, which shows how Melbournians appreciate good dining.

Brunetti cakes Brunetti Melbourne cakes Brunetti Melbourne

Here various different quick restaurants:

IMG_7138 IMG_7098 IMG_7097

The Paul Smith store is one of my favorites also. Nothing new – but they do retail soooooo well.

Paul Smith Store Melbourne Paul Smith Melbourne inside IMG_7261

And then there was this text in a campaign – love it:


What about this Pale Ale beer brand:


And then finally one for my German friends – the Snag Shack (snag meaning sausage). DAS Bratwurst! 🙂



So, he we had a few creative highlights from Down Under….




Was denken Sie darüber?

Was denken Sie darüber?

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